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Google has used machine learning to solve a lot of problems like Silk Square Scarf BUTTERFLY ROSE by VIDA VIDA 85x0mOX
and Dad skull patch baseball cap Black Haculla VY8i5Cgn
. Those are noble endeavors, but now Google Research has turned its attention to a problem that has a real impact on individual people. The company is working with doctors to develop a neural network that can identify cancer cells using an RUN BEANIE ACCESSORIES Hats adidas JnQcMtbhOu

Many aspects of modern medical testing have been automated, but cancer diagnosis is still a time-consuming process. After taking a biopsy of a suspected cancerous mass, a pathologist has to examine the cells under a microscope. Google has shown in the past that a Panthère Roundframe Goldplated Mirrored Sunglasses one size Cartier skFx8VS
can accelerate diagnosis of cancer in digital images, but most pathologists are using compound light microscopes to examine slides. The solution was the Augmented Reality Microscope. With this system, Google’s AI sees an image in the microscope in real time along with the doctor. Then, it overlays analysis on top of that image.

The first piece of the puzzle was getting a neural network trained on what is and is not cancer. This is another convolutional neural network like the one used to Silk Square Scarf Sunset in Cartagena by VIDA VIDA sVtzUAw
and spot planets. Working with pathologists, Google Research accumulated thousands of histological images. The result was a pair of cancer detection algorithms: one detects breast cancer metastases in lymph nodes, and the other spots prostate cancer. They work at magnifications between 4x and 40x.

The goal is not to replace the pathologist — you probably don’t want to trust your entire cancer screening to a machine just yet. That’s why the neural network is tied to the ARM system. It’s like an instant second opinion. The neural network gets a feed from the eyepiece of the microscope via a camera capturing 10 frames per second. The output of the ARM is then projected back through the eyepiece above the camera. So, the pathologist isn’t looking directly at the sample, but rather at the output of the AI. The areas that look like cancer to the AI are highlighted so the doctor can pay special attention.

Rigging up a microscope with a camera and tiny AR display might sound like a hassle, but it’s actually the most effective way to bring this technology to the masses. You can outfit a standard microscope with ARM, and it doesn’t require any external hardware imaging like monitors. Cancer diagnosis might be only the beginning. Google Research thinks this technology could be helpful in the diagnosis of other diseases in the future.

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Office of Disability Employment Policy

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ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy - Driving Change Creating Opportunity

ODEP is working to increase the hiring, job success, and career advancement of people with disabilities through the development, adoption and promotion of accessible technology and universal design.

ODEP's Partnership on Employment Accessible Technology (PEAT)

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works to foster collaboration and action on accessible technology in the workplace. Guided by a consortium of policy and technology leaders, PEAT helps employers, IT companies, developers, and others understand why it pays to build, buy, and implement accessible technology, and how to do so. The Partnership is committed to hosting dialogues on accessible technology, developing useful resources and tools, and helping implement policies that promote the accessibility of workplace technologies. PEAT offers a wide range of resources and opportunities for collaboration to employers, IT companies, and technology users. These include:

PEAT eNews Webinars Accessible Technology Action Steps: A Guide for Employers Charm Bracelet MONOCHROME PRINT by VIDA VIDA uY0M4j
TalentWorks Buy IT!: Your Guide for Purchasing Accessible Technology TechCheck Future of Work

Technology Bill of Rights — The National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent Federal agency, called on Congress to establish a Technology Bill of Rights for Americans with Disabilities in its 2016 annual report to Congress and the President. The report identifies access to information and communications innovations as a civil rights issue due to the power technology has to transform civic engagement and economic opportunity in the U.S. The report includes a section detailing the important role accessible technology plays in finding and maintaining employment, and speaks to the relationship of technology to health care, education, and living independently.

Technology Bill of Rights

Improving the Accessibility of Social Media — Government agencies are increasingly using social media to engage with citizens, share information and deliver services more quickly and effectively than ever before. But as social content, data and platforms become more diverse, agencies must ensure these digital services are accessible to all citizens, including people with disabilities. ODEP and the General Services Administration's (GSA) Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies recently updated their James Mixed Metal Clutch Bag Nathalie Trad GvS0lVow
. Created with the input of social media leaders and users across government and the private sector, this living document contains helpful tips, real-life examples and best practices to ensure that social media content is usable and accessible to all citizens, including those with disabilities.

Homecoming  In the fifth and last part of the New York Times’ “Invisible Child” series, Chanel and her children move into an apartment in Harlem, NY. (Ruth Fremson / The New York Times / Redux)


The study found that readers of the narrative story felt a higher degree of compassion and empathy for Martinez, feelings that extended to undocumented immigrants as a group. Overall, the narrative readers altered their attitudes and opinions positively and were more interested in seeking additional information about the living conditions of undocumented immigrants, or even taking action to help.

Academics explain this narrative effect via something called “transportation theory,” and while you may not be familiar with the term, you know the feeling:

“This was among the most moving stories I have ever read. When Chanel [Dasani’s mother] clasped her hands together in prayer in her new Harlem apartment, I wanted to burst in and celebrate with her and her kids,” wrote Nathaniel from West Orange, NJ, in an online comment on “Invisible Child.”

That’s transportation. Being so engaged in a story that it feels as if you inhabit that space and time, and feeling so connected to the characters that their joys and sorrows spark a physical reaction in you.

It’s a phenomenon that parallels what Ickes showed with his stranger experiment. Scientific findings suggest that when we read and experience characters in a story, the brain processes our understanding of those unknown others similarly to how we understand real, physical others.

Familiar faces  Chanel says she and Dasani are still approached by supportive strangers on the street who recognize them from the “Invisible Child” series. (Ruth Fremson / The New York Times / Redux)

Familiar faces

The more transported you feel, the more likely you’ll be to change your opinions and beliefs about the real world, psychologists Melanie C. Green and Timothy C. Brock write in The Role of Transportation in the Persuasiveness of Public Narratives . That feeling can be so strong that it leads to altered behavior, such as giving a $100 bill to a family of strangers. David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano even suggest that reading narratives make us more empathetic overall, because stories force us to engage in intense perspective taking.

What we intuitively believe to be true about how journalistic stories can spark empathy among readers is backed up by science. The question we’re left with is whether that spark may diminish as our culture turns toward digital.


A middle-aged woman reaches for the handle of her front door. Her body is rigid and her limbs protrude at sharp angles. Her wheelchair lurches and stops in strange syncopation. Her movements are typical of someone with cerebral palsy.

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